Farmers want army to release tanks

Famers in the Mullaitivu District complain that there are 11 agricultural tanks in the areas occupied by the Army.

The agricultural organization comprising farmers in Mullaitivu has requested the government to order the army to release the areas where the tanks are, but no action has been taken so far.

The farmers noted that all sectors in the Mullaitivu District, including agriculture, fisheries and education, were affected due to the war. Fishermen were unable to fish and farmers were unable to carry out their farming activities.

“Southern fishermen are poaching in our waters. Ancient lands of farmers have been occupied under the Mahaweli Zone. This had now extended up to the borders of our ancient lands. Thousands of acres of prime land have been taken over such as the Kent and Dollar farms,” farmers added.

“Even with all these difficulties when we try to continue our farming activities, our tanks are not available. The11 tanks under army control are those from which famers of the region obtained water resources. Around 500 acres of land and four tanks out of the 11 are under the Air Force. Murukandy, Arokiyapuram, Oddusuddan, Sivanagar, Kuruthoor and Thuvarankulam tanks are under the army. This had thoroughly affected the livelihood of farmers and the government is bound to take immediate action in this regard,” farmers said.

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